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Get quick mini-credits 

Being enrolled in the file of defaulters and not having a payroll significantly reduces our chances of obtaining loans, but there are some private equity companies that will grant us quick mini-loans and without payroll, if we meet minimum solvency requirements and our debts are not disproportionate.

With urgent cash within twenty-four hours, we can access up to 750 dollars in a matter of minutes through a simple 100% online management process. Because we will not have to physically go to the offices of the lenders, we will know in less than 15 minutes if our application has been accepted and we will not have to carry out the long and heavy paperwork that characterizes the processing of traditional bank loans.

These mini fast loans with ASNEF and without payroll are granted by private lenders that are not as restrictive as the banks and that allow obtaining fast money with the same conditions as the applicants that do not appear in files of defaulters. Of course, to obtain approval, it is necessary to show that we receive sufficient monthly income to return the mini-credit with ASNEF and without paperwork that we request.

5 requirements to acquire mini-credits 

Even if we go through a delicate financial situation and our data appear in a file of defaulters, there are several lenders who will grant us the credit we need. However, as is logical, to get these quick mini loans and without payroll, it is essential to meet a series of requirements that verify the entity that we will be able to face the reimbursement without problems:

  1. The outstanding debt must not exceed 500 euros, although that amount may vary according to each lender as some set their limit at 200 euros maximum.
  2. The debt can not come from a bank, that is, it can not be due to bank overdrafts or non-payment of credit card fees, for example.
  3. Being of legal age, although we can find companies that will require us more to be 21 or 25 years old, according to the policies of each entity.
  4. Receive monthly income, demonstrable and stable that does not necessarily have to be a payroll, but we can deliver a receipt of a scholarship, a pension, a payment for unemployment or for rents … In general, the total that we receive will have to be 500 euros so that The lender can rely on our ability to repay. So that they can grant us fast mini credits and without payroll, we will have to send a document that certifies this income.
  5. Be a Spanish resident permanently and have a DNI, NIE or passport to prove it.

Fulfilling these requirements we will not have any problem in accessing mini-credits. It is important to only request this type of financing if we are sure of being able to reimburse it without a problem, since, otherwise, we can see ourselves in a spiral of debts from which it is very difficult to leave.

Documents to request mini loans without payroll

When applying for quick mini loans we have to take into account that the lenders will ask us to send them a series of simple and easy to get documents so that they can verify our identity and the monthly income that we will generally receive. the following:

  1. Identity document, that is, the DNI or the NIE for the entity to verify that we are of legal age and resident in Spain.
  2. Proof of income that does not necessarily have to be that of payroll, but we can also present others such as unemployment compensation, a scholarship, a pension or rental income, among other possibilities.
  3. Bank statement that is in our name so that they can enter the money from our quick mini loan. And so that the entity can verify our economic behavior.

By delivering these papers, in principle, we can access the funding we need without hindrance. However, it is important that these documents are perfectly legible and up-to-date, otherwise, our request will be delayed and we will have to start over with the entire recruitment process.

5 advantages of the minicréditos

The fast mini loans are instantly products that have gained much popularity during the last years because they are practically the only ones that allow obtaining extra financing quickly despite not charging a salary itself and having unpaid debts registered in delinquency files. In addition, these credits offer different advantages that the other loans have not been able to match up to now:

  1. We can get money even if our data is inscribed on a list of defaulters.
  2. It will not be necessary for us to have a payroll to be granted the money from online mini-credits, since any type of monthly, official and sufficient income will be valid to access the financing we need.
  3. The entire application process will be carried out through the Internet, without long and heavy paperwork.
  4. These products rarely include commissions or the hiring of linked products.
  5. With certain lenders, we can request extensions or amortize the amount of the mini-loan in advance.

To be able to enjoy all these advantages it is essential to make responsible use of this type of credit, this means being totally sure of being able to reimburse it on time and that it is essential and can not be postponed. If we do not believe that we can cope with the reimbursement of fast mini-loans, it is best not to request this funding to avoid over-indebtedness.